CO2 Emissions

CO2 Emissions

The European Commission has decided that from January 2010 and onwards, the aviation industry must monitor and report their annual CO2 emissions. This is valid for not only the European airlines, but for all commercial aircraft operators flying to/from and inside the EU Community no matter where in the world they are domiciled.
That is why it is necessary to work out two plans:

  1. A monitoring plan, describing how you will monitor and report your CO2 emission.
  2. A monitoring plan describing how you will monitor and report your production expressed in tonne-kilometre (Your payload in tons multiplied by the distance between departure and destination).

Global Aviation Data A/S will calculate the tonne-kilometre and the CO2 emissions and finally report the results to the competent authority. Everything reported very accurately to the smallest detail.

Free CO2 quota?

From 2012 and the next 8 years, you will get free CO2 quota based upon your production (tonne-kilometre) for 2010. That is, if you have reported your production for 2010 in accordance with your monitoring plan. If you have not submitted a monitoring plan, your reported production will not be taken into account, and no free quotas will be granted your company. Consequently, all quotas have to be purchased on the free market.



Peer Widar Wollenberg
Mob: +45 29619160

Lene Kampmann
Marketing Manager
Mob: +45 29210081

Michael Wollenberg
Cosmic Radiation Adviser
Mob: +44 (0)800 699 0737


“GlobaLog® is an excellent product that
delivers on it’s promise. We are about to
commence trans-Atlantic flights and
expect GlobaLog® will also play a role in
optimizing flight rostering. I know many of
our pilots also make good use of the
GlobaLog® electronic logbook.”

“It’s a source of great comfort for our
pilots and cabin crewmembers knowing
their exposure to cosmic radiation is
calculated and accounted for on an
individual basis. GlobaLog® also enables
our pilots to keep their logbook when
most convenient for them.”

“GlobaLog® does everything it says and
more. Setting up the data channel was
easy and the level of service is good. My
colleagues and I are convinced GlobaLog®
provides the most accurate picture of how
much cosmic radiation our pilots and
cabin crew are exposed to.”

“GlobaLog® has made it easy to provide
our pilots and cabin crew members with a
personal cosmic radiation account.
GlobaLog® has helped increase
understanding of cosmic radiation among
aircrews and thus helped us fulfill our
legal obligation to inform them about the
health risks involved.”

GlobaLog® – as seen by the airlines in the words of our customers
“We are very pleased with GlobaLog®. The
system makes it easy to comply fully with
EU directives and national regulations.
GlobaLog® also enables us to pursue a
health & safety strategy of ensuring the
cosmic radiation load is shared equally
among those of our pilots exceeding 1.0
milliSievert annually.”

“We are well aware that the EU directive
on cosmic radiation monitoring is
currently not being enforced to the letter.
It’s a comfort factor knowing that with
GlobaLog® we are fully prepared for when
that day comes and will not have to rush
to implement technology for keeping
individual radiation accounts.”

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